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A while after Scarface attacked Natalie, tesehki was trying to get to her, but security was in the way. A little while later, security finally lets go of Scarface and her and tesehki square up. Tesehki throws the first punch, but it's unclear if she connected or not. Scarface then starts windmilling towards tesehki but tesehki was backing up making Scarface miss her punches. Tesehki eventually stops backing up and Scarface gets one punch on her before tesehki throws two insanely hard punches that missed but still sends Scarface flying back. Scarface stops for a moment to recover and then tries to punch tesehki again before she is met with another two powerful punches, one missing and another one connecting, and it throws her to the right. Both Scarface and tesehki connected their punches before another 2 punches from them both that Scarface connects but tesehki misses. After the last punch from tesehki she backs up again and they both go in for another punch. They both miss, but tesehki hits her with her elbow. Tesehki then grabs Scarface by her hair and tries to drop her while Scarface is throwing punches. Tesehki ends up tripping and Scarface ends up top. Almost everyone from house b comes running in tesehki's defends, and they all try to jump in the fight while a bunch of security were stopping them. Although it wasn’t shown or confirmed, Scarface was allegedly hitting tesehki when they were on the ground for a split second.

Scarface Vs. Tesehki
Baddies East
Between Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin, and Latifa "Tesehki" Malone
Number of Fights 4