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ET Vs. Biggie
Baddies East
Between Damerlin "Biggie" Baez and Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin
Number of Fights 5

Biggie Vs. Scarface are the physical altercations between Damerlin "Biggie" Baez and Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin on the fourth season of Baddies called Baddies East.


Round 1[]

During the girls arriving at the club, a man allegedly hits Scarface in the back of the head whilst the girls were entering and displayed some type of support for Biggie. Scarface confronts Biggie when they arrive to House B’s residence and Biggie denies having links with the man who hit her and claims to have no issue with Scarface as she doesn’t know her despite Scarface pushing her onto the couch and getting in her face during her and Rollie’s argument. But she refuses to believe Biggie’s side of the story and Biggie continues defending herself whilst Scarface keeps getting increasingly vexed and eventually jumps towards Biggie, with Biggie responding by leaping backwards before Scarface yanks her by the wig, rotates her in a circle and snatches the wig off of her whilst Biggie tries to smack her yet none of her hits connected.

Winner: Scarface

Round 2[]


After the first round, Rollie provides Biggie and Smiley an Eviction Notice and tells them both they have to pack up and leave. Smiley has a more defeated approach and begins packing before later changing her decision whilst Biggie is puzzled and opposes it. Meanwhile, Scarface goes upstairs and enters Biggie’s room to pack her bags. Suki and Sapphire informs her and tells Biggie to back herself. Biggie rushes upstairs and finds Scarface with her bag in the hand so she tries to snatch the bag off Scarface and swing on her but security doesn't let either side fight back. They continue to quarrel and Biggie tries to swing again but is again barricaded by Security.

Winner: Biggie

Round 3[]


The night after the last altercation, the girls goes to the club where they have a specialised photoshoot for the baddies. When they are outside, Biggie sneaks Scarface and slaps Scarface across her head. Biggie is rapidly escorted by security and Scarface, Camilla and Rollie tries to attacks Biggie with the impression she was an outsider, but security puts them at a halt.

Winner: Biggie

Round 4[]


After sneaks her outside the club, Scarface wants get her lick back so at the pool party, Scarface hides behind the bush waiting for Biggie. When Biggie arrives Scarface throws a bottle at her and swings both girls try to slams each and other but both fail.

Winner: Scarface

Round 5[]


After being separated the girl goin at it again Scarface throws some hits and try to slams Biggie. But Biggie snatch Scarface's wig off but trip on with the chair making Biggie falls in the floor. Meanwhile Rollie throw waterguns and balloons at Biggie.

Winner: Scarface