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Sarah vs. Rocky
Season 13: Redemption
Between Sarah Oliver and Raquel "Rocky" Santiago

At the reunion, Sarah and Rocky continue to argue with each other; when Sarah randomly comments on issues, like calling Camilla her friend, Rocky sarcastically applauds her, and Sarah angrily reacts, asking why she's clapping. Rocky tells her to shut up, and the two get into an altercation. Sarah attempts to hit Rocky but due to being drunk, she moves sluggishly and Rocky grabs on to her hair, having her in a tight grip before security separates them, with an angry Sarah insulting her once again for grabbing her hair. Sarah also attempts to pick up the glass table on the stage to throw at her after Rocky makes a comment about her age being the cause of her hair falling out, although it came out from the initial pulling she did to her hair earlier. As a result, she is permanently removed from the reunion special.