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Sarah vs. Natalie
Baddies South
Between Natalie Nunn and Sarah Oliver


Round 1

After an argument between these 2 girls, Natalie can't accept the fact Sarah I saying the truth so her old self starts yelling and trying to make it seem like the argument is about race, Sarah exposes Natalie, both Natalie and Sarah stand up and as they both approach each other, Natalie throws a drink at Sarah's face and as Sarah is falling from the couch onto the floor, Sarah throws a slap to Natalies face and throws a kick Natalie swings on Sarah and misses her first hit to Sarah's face but is able to quickly knee her on her leg and as Natalie grabs Sarah's leg so she can't kick her, Natalie throws small gentle punches on Sarah 4 times on her stomach but then as the security and producers come to break up the fight, Sarah double-kicks Natalie back twice on her stomach and the fight ends there with Round 2 occuring later on.

Winner: Natalie

Round 2

After Sarah claims that Natalie doesn't run the show (which she does), Natalie attacks Sarah once again and Sarah falls onto the couch again and Natalie swings on her stomach and kicks her once on her leg and as security comes once again to break up the fight, Sarah repeatedly kicks Natalie on her stomach, as Sarah slaps Natalie and the fight ends there.

Winner: Sarah

Round 3: Sarah exposes, embarrasses and humiliates Natalie pulling out all the receipts and evidence about Natalie being a liar and a mentally unstable human being, Natalie can't take the humiliation anymore but Sarah takes revenge and throws a glass of wine at Natalie, Natalie tried to run up but Sarah slaps her and security doesn't let Natalie fight back. Sarah calls Natalie a slut and leaves the building. Winner: Sarah