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Sarah vs. Milyn
Season 11: Miami
Between Sarah Oliver and Milyn Jensen

Sarah vs. Milyn is the physical altercation between Sarah Oliver and Milyn Jensen in the eleventh season of Bad Girls Club. The fight had taken place in Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, and resulted in both Milyn and Sarah to be removed from the house.


Sarah pushed Mimi, Mimi then pulled Sarah’s hair, so Sarah punched Mimi in the top of her head two times pulling Mimi’s hair as well. Both had each other’s hair grabbed, Mimi puts Sarah in a headlock and then both Sarah and Mimi begin hitting each other’s head repeatedly, after some time Mimi stopped hitting Sarah but Sarah kept punching Mimi’s head while Mimi also hit Sarah in the side of her head two times. Mimi then started scratching Sarah’s eyeball directly, while Sarah repeatedly punched Mimi’s head. Production and security came to break the fight up as both grabbed and pulled their hair hard.

Winner: Sarah