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Sarah vs. Jazmone, Gigi, Tiana and Milyn
Season 11: Miami
Between Sarah Oliver, JazMone Adams, GiGi Lopez, Tiana Small and Milyn Jensen
Number of Fights 2

Sarah vs. Jazmone, Tiana, Gigi, and Milyn is the physical altercation between Sarah OliverJazMone AdamsTiana Small, Gina Lopez, and Milyn Jensen


Round 1[]

Most of the girls at this point had a "problem" with Sarah after her fight with Gigi. The girls (JazMone, Tiana, Gigi, and Mimi) decide to confront Sarah about the situation. Jazmone feels Sarah is doing too much and decides to provoke Sarah by pushing her. Jaz tells Gigi to tap her in and Sarah and Jaz start fighting. Jaz starts punching Sarah in the side of her face repeatedly but then Sarah starts swinging. Jaz lets her guard up and Sarah hit's Jaz's arm. As Jaz backs up into Security, Sarah punches her shoulder and security starts holding Jaz. Jaz tries punching Sarah but it misses and Sarah tries reaching over to hit Jaz but it misses. Sarah then proceeds to fight the rest of the girls. Jaz confirmed in an interview that her and Sarah fought multiple times that night but each fight was cut up and put together in a weird manner. One clip is where Jaz and Sarah grab each other's arms and punch each other in the face at the same time, Jaz punching Sarah in the face again. Another clip has Sarah and Jaz pushing each other over and over.

Winner: Sarah

Round 2[]


After the girls are taken outside Tiana tries to fight Sarah telling her to ¨come with the hands¨. Sarah kicks Tiana and Tiana hits Sarah on the side of her head. As Tiana tries to get to Sarah and Sarah back up by the plants in the house, Tiana almost trips over security. Mimi and Gigi run up Sarah starts to punch Mimi repeatedly in the plants, Mimi, and Gigi then pull Sarah's hair. Gigi attempted to kick Sarah in the head but misses. Security pulls the girls away from Sarah.

Winner: Sarah