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Sarah vs. Gigi
Season 11: Miami II
Between Sarah Oliver and GiGi Lopez

Sarah vs Gigi is the physical altercation between Sarah Oliver and GiGi Lopez on Season 11 of Bad Girls Club


Sarah refuses to punch her but she pushes her instead, so Gigi grabs Sarah's hair, and sarah punches her in the face three times, Gigi slams and hits Sarah into the oven and microwave door making Sarah’s head bounce. Sarah continues to punch Gigi on top of her head repeatedly making the other girls scream, Gigi then starts to punch Sarah in the chest, managing to punch her around 5 times there yet Sarah keeps hitting Gigi, security and Teressa try to break it up and Gigi stops punching Sarah, but Sarah actually manages to get two more hits in Gigi’s head before getting broken up.

Winner: Sarah