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I feel like that wasn’t my best friend that night, it was the devil!
Sapphire Blaze
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March 16, 1991
Miami, FL
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Destiny "Sukihana" Henderson
Latifa "Tesehki" Malone
Natalie Nunn
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Bianca Bonnie
Stayed in the house in Baddies East
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Kendra Blaze (also know as Sapphire Blaze) is an replacement baddie on Baddies East. Sapphire is currently 33 years old and resides in Miami, Florida.

She originally appeared as a guest star on Love and Hip Hop: Miami, as one of Sukihana's friends.

She would be introduced as a replacement for Baddies East, along with Suki. They would initially start a feud with Smiley when it came to her fighting Mariahlynn and stealing her chain. She would then fight Smiley again one-on-one, before they finally settled their differences. Later on in Jamaica, she would have a brief falling out with Suki due to the state of their friendship, before reconciling. After that both Sapphire and Suki had a falldown with Mariahlynn leading in multiple altercations. At the reunion Sapphire goes at it more of one time with Scarface.

On Baddies Caribbean, she would be introduced as an original cast member. Sapphire would then start a feud with Bianca after the latter snuck her for disrespecting Mariahlynn on Baddies East, while tag-teaming her along with Mariah in Dominican Republic later in the season.


Baddies East[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10-14 Episode 15-20
Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire Sapphire
  1. Sapphire replaces Chrisean in episode 8.
  2. Sapphire made it to the end of the show.


Opponents Episode
SmileyMariahSapphire Smiley Time To Bite The Apple
SapphireMariahlynn Mariahlynn Up Shitz Creek
SapphireScarface1 Scarface Baddies East: The Reunion Pt. 3
BiancaSapphire1 Bianca Flew'd Out


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