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Rollie Vs. Sukihana
Baddies East
Between Destiny "Sukihana" Henderson, and Gia "Rollie" Mayham
Number of Fights 1

Rollie Vs. Sukihana is the physical altercation between Gia "Rollie" Mayham and Destiny "Sukihana" Henderson on the fourth season of Baddies called Baddies East.


When Smiley leaves the house, Scarface throws a glass of water at her. This agitated Suki as she felt as if the girls were bullying Smiley so she confronts Scarface and Natalie for picking on Smiley. After a verbal clash between Scarface and Suki, Rollie stands up from her chair and defends Scarface before things get heated and Rollie and Suki begins throwing insults at each other. Things become increasingly confrontational between the two when Rollie gradually gets closer to Suki and Suki begins pushing Rollie away. Rollie then forces Suki slanted against a table whilst swinging at the side of her head three times and snatching her wig. Meanwhile, Suki snatches Rollie's wig too and hits on Rollie’s scalp four times. Sapphire (alongside security) breaks up the fight and Scarface throws another glass of water at Suki. Rollie and Suki continues to dispute when Suki tells Sapphire to step in. Sapphire tries to calm Suki down and remains as a mediator before Rollie storms out the restaurant.

Winner: Sukihana


Suki, Bobby and Sapphire had an intense argument immediately after leaving the restaurant and entering the van about how Sapphire didn’t jump in Suki’s feud between Rollie and ET. As a result of this heated discussion, Sapphire is exchanged by security to House A’s van. Suki remains distant whilst Sapphire is regretful of her actions but justifies herself in wanting to remain in a neutral party. Eventually, they have a discussion and Sapphire apologises to Suki. However, despite them hugging it takes some time for Suki to fully move past the issue at hand before eventually Sapphire and Suki’s issues are mended and they return to being close again.