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Rocky vs. Valentina is the physical altercation in the tenth season's first part of the reunion in Bad Girls Club. It starts a minute after Shannon and Valentina's fight.

Rocky vs. Valentina
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Raquel "Rocky" Santiago and Valentina Anyanwu

Cause of the fight

Valentina was pretty hot headed because of her fight against Shannon, so she went and confronted rocky, who has been also jumped by Valentina.

The fight

Valentina got close to Rocky to attack her and then Rocky punched Valentina in the face really hard busting her head, Rocky tripped and Valentina started pulling her hair while security came to break them up, Rocky also pulled Valentina’s hair, and throwing punches, and they kicked each other before Rocky attempts to pull Valentina’s leg and getting separated.

Winner: Raquel


Valentina went to the hospital because her head was bleeding along with Alicia to complain about Shannon and Rocky, while the last mentioned went to the dressing room along with Shannon and later came to the stage.