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Rima vs. Julie is the physical altercation between Rima Mellal and Julie Ofcharsky in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club.


Tired of the tormenting from her roommates, Rima decides that enough is enough. Julie comes in the living room continuing to taunt Rima, and she is prepared to fight her. Julie then slaps Rima on the face then Rima kicks Julie in the stomach and as Rima puts Julie's head down, she pulls Julie's hair and punches her on the back of her head 3 times and once on the side of her head just before she falls onto the couch and once Rima landed onto the couch, Julie manages to land a punch to Rima's stomach then she pulls Rima's leg and then Rima kicks Julie once on her face and about 4 times on her chest then they are broken up from each other and the fight ends there.

Winner: Rima