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Ain't nothing classy about a bad girl.
Rima Mellal
Bad Girl Information
The Wild Child
Chicago, Illinois
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 9: Mexico
Season 13: Redemption (replacement)
22 episodes
Season 9
Ashley Dye
Falen Ghirmai
Julie Ofcharsky
Zuly Ramos
Season 13
Jada Cacchilli
Rocky Santiago
Season 9
Andrea Jones
Christina Salgado
Erika Jordan
Mehgan James
Season 13
Camilla Poindexter
Judi Jackson
Stayed in the house in Season 9
Stayed in the house in Season 10
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Rimanelli "Rima" Mellal (also known as The Wild Child) is a bad girl original from Season 9: Mexico. After her season, Rima appeared as a replacement on Season 13: Redemption. Rima is currently 27 years old and she resides in Chicago, Illinois.


Season 9: Mexico

Bad Girls

Episode 1 Episode 2-5 Episode 6-9 Episode 10-12 Episode 13
Rima Rima Rima Rima Rima Rima
  1. Rima made it to the end of the show.

Season 13: Redemption

Bad Girls

Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10
Rima Rima Rima Rima
  1. Rima replaced in Judi in episode 8.
  2. Rima made it to the end of the show.


Opponents Episode
Mehganrima.jpg Mehgan Wash, Rinse, Re-Beat
Rimamehg.gif Wash, Rinse, Re-Beat
Rimajulie.gif Julie Girls Gone Ham
Rimaerika.gif Erika Pretty Girl Bounced
Chrisrima.gif Christina Stage Bite
ChristinaRima92.gif Stage Bite
Rimamehgan3.gif Mehgan Miserella
Mehganrimafalen.gif Miserella
Andreavshouse.jpg Andrea Hate-Lanta
Rimajudi.gif Judi Season 13: Reunion Part 3