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The Bad Girls Club Reunions are special episodes that each season has where, some time after the show has finished, a stage is set up with an audience and a host where you gather the badgirls, both those who reached the end and those who left before. All this in order to tell their experiences in the show, try to resolve conflicts or resolve pending issues, where in some cases it ends in reconciliation and in others they lead to various physical and verbal altercations, in which they end up causing the bad girl to leave. of the reunion stage.

Season 8 Reunion's Stage[]


Reunion Episodes[]

Season Episode Info
1 "Shrink Wrapped: Reunion" The original ladies of the season come together back at the house, excluding Jodie, to discuss with Stan Katz,

a psychologist regarding their behavior this season. The psychologist's advice isn't something Aimee and Ty agree with. Later, Ripsi asks Kerry for forgiveness.

2 "Unfinished Business" Star Jones hosts the Bad Girls Club reunion this season. Jennavecia finally confronts Cordelia and the Hyenas,

Andrea faces off with Darlen and Lyric returns to the stage and gets into a heated argument with Tanisha.

3 "Unresolved Issues" All the eight girls of season three gather to discuss their behavior with the host, Perez Hilton. Amber M. states

that it was difficult to stay the whole season and quickly gets into an argument with Tiffany, who doesn't believe that Amber knew what the show was about and went on it, all the while Ashley gets into an argument with the other Amber. Amber B. says that she is not going to assault anyone on the Reunion.

4 "Reunion: Part 1" The Cast of Season 4 return in L.A. to discuss what happened during their 3 month stay in the Bad Girls Club

House. Kate returns and explains what made her snap and hit Annie and attack Amber. Natalie returns and spits on Kate again which causes a fight. Flo's anger leads to a table-flipping showdown with Natalie.

"Reunion: Part 2" Flo gets to the root of her anger and attacks Natalie then argues with Perez Hilton. Portia returns and faces off

with Natalie one last time. Kendra has some exciting news to share with everyone. Meanwhile, Amber's boyfriend Rich has a surprise for her.

5 "Reunion: Part 1" The season 5 "bad girls" reunite for one last time to discuss their actions. Tensions reach a fever pitch between

Christina and Ashley, and Kristen also comes under fire by several of the girls.

"Reunion: Part 2" The conclusion of a reunion edition features the Miami roomies recalling the peaks and troughs of a whirlwind

journey. Kristen is backed into a corner when Erica, Lea and Kayleigh join forces.

6 "Reunion: Part 1" Sparks start to fly as Perez Hilton reunites the cast to discuss unfinished business. Char learns exactly how

her actions in the house have ruined past friendships, and Sydney enters the reunion stage with a violent surprise for one girl.

"Reunion: Part 2" Jessica celebrates her birthday with special guests Amber M.(season 3) and Kristen (season 5). A food fight

turns serious when an unexpected culprit is at the center of a physical altercation between Kori and Jade.

7 "Reunion: Part 1" Perez Hilton hosts the first part of a two-part reunion where the Bad Girls look back on their experience in

the house, but not without some drama. Nastasia and Shelly get into a physical altercation.

"Reunion: Part 2" Things get heated as the girls wrap up their season in the second part of the reunion. Priscilla and Angie get

into a heated argument, which leads to a physical altercation.

8 "Reunion: Part 1" Tanisha Thomas hosts the reunion as the bad girls of Las Vegas reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the fights,

arguments, and relationships they had while in the house. Blowups quickly fold when three bad girls get into physical altercations.

"Reunion: Part 2" The second part of the reunion continues with bad blood between Elease and Camilla going on. Erica and

Dani face off and it leads to a shocking conclusion. Meanwhile, Jenna returns and decides to go head to head with Gia.

9 "Reunion: Part 1" The drama-filled reunion kicks off with tensions flaring as the girls arrive at their hotel in Los Angeles and

prepare to sit down face-to-face with their former roommates and rivals. Host Tanisha Thomas is ready to play referee as spitfire Andrea shows up thirsty for revenge.

"Reunion: Part 2" Viewers will be in for more than a few surprises when the entire cast reunites in one room to talk about

the most dramatic and scandalous moments of the season. Hot tempers and accusations fly as the ‘Bad Girls’ air out their dirty laundry and Mehgan gets ready to throw down against her ex-BFF’s while Erika singles out one especially devious ‘Bad Girl’ as her target.

"Reunion: Part 3" Erika and Julie face each other and talk about all the scheming and flip flopping going on into the

house that leads to a fight. Rima and Mehgan consider burying the hatchet but when Julie and Falen receive an unwanted gift it leads to a final explosive "Bad" Girls blowout. Ashley and Andrea decide to make amends and be cool with one another. In addition, a first look at BGC10 is shown.

10 "Reunion: Part 1" The ladies of Atlanta meet up in Los Angeles for one final blowout as Shannon seeks her revenge.
"Reunion: Part 2" Shannon goes toe-to-toe with the other ladies in an all-out fist fight. Meanwhile, Nancy and

Stephanie's sexy hook-up becomes the main topic of discussion.

"Reunion: Part 3" Alicia is confronted by the other "Bad" Girls about her shocking exit. Elsewhere, a raging Nikki

blows off steam by confronting an unexpected target, leading to a shocking showdown.

11 "Reunion: Part 1" The girls reunite in Los Angeles to discuss what went down in Miami. Meanwhile, Tiana & Shanae

clash out. Janelle comes to the stage with a lot to say.

"Reunion: Part 2" Janelle gets into a fight with both JazMone and Tiana. Sarah comes to the stage and turns the reunion

upside down. Teresa has a tearful moment which fixes her issues with Janelle.

"Reunion: Part 3" Mercedies attacks Shanae in a shocking fight. Sarah has a surprise for Tanisha's birthday. There's a sneak

peek for the upcoming season in Chicago.

12 "Reunion: Part 1" The girls reunite in Los Angeles to settle things once and for all but tempers flare when Aysia has a physical

altercation with Blu's ex-girlfriend Diamond.

"Reunion: Part 2" The episode picks up with the fight between Diamond and Aysia leading to Jada jump in which irritates everyone.

After Jada goes backstage stating she's leaving, that doesn't sit well with Redd and Britt. After Diamond states Jada tried to jump her, that sparks anger between Redd and Britt leading to a huge blowout behind stage.

"Reunion: Part 3" The episode picks up with the fight between Jada and Britt. Jada and Loren get into another fight leading to Raesha

jump in. Dalila comes out and has unfinished business with Britt leading to Dalila slapping Britt. Redd comes out with a lot to say to Jada. Laura comes to the reunion and has a talk with the girls.

13 "Reunion: Part 1" The Bad Girls return to Los Angeles, except Julie, who didn't want to come, Natalie, who couldn't come, and Redd,

who was not allowed to come. Natalie shares shocking news with Judi and Sarah.

"Reunion: Part 2" Sarah's craziness comes to a boil leading to a physical altercation between her and Rocky, leading to Sarah getting

kicked off the reunion for the second time. Jada comes out resulting in a nightmare on stage between her and Camilla. After Jada punches Danni in the face, Tanisha has some words for her, resulting in a huge argument.

"Reunion: Part 3" The episode picks up with Tanisha yelling at Jada and Rima. Rima decides to try and attack Judi when she comes

out onto stage, leading to her getting kicked off the reunion. Redd shares her experience about this season via Skype, and Natalie shares her experience via video. The all stars officially say goodbye to this season of Bad Girls Club Redemption.

14 "Reunion: Part 1" The episode starts with all the girls (minus the twins who were not allowed at the reunion) meeting up with each other

and discussing their game plans. After Lauren and Jasmine bring out mannequins of the twins, Amber, Beatrice and Alicia have things to say to the other girls, sparking a heated argument between Alicia and Tanisha. The episode ends with a cliffhanger between a fight with Beatrice and Kat.

"Reunion: Part 2" The episode starts with Beatrice and Kat fighting. Jela comes out on the stage coming at everyone who ruined her and

the twins' clothes leading to her punching Kat in the face. The girls officially say goodbye to Los Angeles.

15 "Reunion: Part 1" The girls all arrive to the reunion (minus Annalisa, Jessica, Amanda and Victoria.) The final five girls come to stage with

tensions being raised between Jaz and Jaimee and the other 3 girls.

"Reunion: Part 2" Diamond and Olivia return to stage resulting in 3 physical fights between each other. Life coach Laura comes to stage.
"Reunion: Part 3" After Jazmyn and Jaimee continued to fight with the other girls, they are officially kicked off stage. Hanan and Susu

come to stage with revenge against Kristina and Angela sparking in multiple physical altercations between them. The girls officially say goodbye and a small preview of the next season Social Disruption is posted at the end.

16 "Reunion: Part 1" The girls return to LA for the reunion. Tanisha invites Erica Mena to help her as a Co-Host. Kandyce returns to stage

and brings a gift for Brynesha's kids and apologizes for what she said about them. Kaila and Tabatha come out on stage and Kaila runs up to Kandyce, sparking an epic cliffhanger.

"Reunion: Part 2" The episode picks up with Kaila vs. Kandyce. Adryan and Tanisha have a huge altercation, leading to Adryan getting

sent home. Kailie and Tabatha apologize and hug each other. After the reunion has ended, the girls started to walk off stage, but Kandyce decides to sneak attack Tabatha, leading to a huge altercation with Kaila, Elliadria and Kabrina jumping in. A small sneak peek of the next season is posted at the end of the episode.

17 "Reunion: Part 1" The Bad Girls (minus Deshayla, who didn't want to come) come back to Los Angeles to discuss what happened during

their time in the house.

"Reunion: Part 2" The two-part reunion continues.
ATL "Reunion: Part 1" The baddies have returned to dish on their eventful first season back together as well as the added drama and fallout

that has occurred since. Hosted by Tamar Braxton and Jason Lee.

"Reunion: Part 2" The original bad girls of reality television reconnect to discuss their time together in the ATL. Once the cameras stopped

rolling there has been a lot said behind each other’s back and it's time to get to the bottom of things. Hosted by Tamar Braxton and Jason Lee, the Baddies of Atlanta reunite to dish it all.

South "Reunion: Part 1" Hosted by Trina and Janeisha John, the Baddies all reunite for the first time since ending their epic road trip.
"Reunion: Part 2" After an epic beginning, the hosts try to get the Baddies to actually address their issues.
"Reunion: Part 3" Trina and Janeisha are able to bring the ladies to a calm and finally get some answers.
West "Reunion: Part 1" The Baddies reunite in Los Angeles where things immediately go up!
"Reunion: Part 2" Things become more intense once producer Tommie Lee joins the stage.


Name Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 ATL South West East
Stan Katz HOST.
Star Jones HOST.
Perez Hilton HOST.
Tanisha Thomas HOST.
Jason Lee HOST.
Tamar Braxton HOST.
Janeisha John HOST.
Trina HOST.
Stevie J HOST.
Nene Leakes HOST.

Girls Who Didn't Attend[]

Sometimes, the girls choose to not attend the reunion or are not invited.

Image Name Season
JodieS1 Jodie Howell Season 1
Vlcsnap-error899 Tess Mett Season 11: Miami
Mimi11 Milyn "Mimi" Jensen
Bgclinsey Linsey Jade Season 12: Chicago
Natalie13 Natalie Nunn Season 13: Redemption
Redd13 Alyssa "Redd" Carswell
Julie13Ic Julie Ofcharsky
Shannon14 Shannon Clermont Season 14: Back For More
Shannade14 Shannade Clermont
GiordanoTwins15 Annalisa "Anna" Giordano Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Jessica Giordano
N/A Amanda Hepperle
Victoria Hepperle
Shayintro Deshayla "Shay" Harris Season 17: East Meets West
Dani8 Danni Victor BGASB 2
SarahATLintro Sarah Oliver Baddies ATL
N/A Christina Salagado Baddies South
RockINtro3 Chrisean Rock Baddies West
RazorIntro Monique "Razor" Samuels
N/A Suzanne "Stunna Girl" Brown Baddies East
RockIntro4 Chrisean "Rock" Malone
Vicky Intro Victoria "Woah Vicky" Waldrip
SiyaIntro Michele "Siya" Sherman

Girls who left Reunions[]

Sometimes, cast members either leave the reunion stage before filming is over or they are sent home by production.

Image Name Season
LyricIcon Melissa "Lyric" Greene Season 2
AshleySeason5TS Ashley Cheatham Season 5: Miami
KayleighIntro Kayleigh Severn
Morganintro Morgan Osman
Lea5 Lea Beaulieu
Erica5 Erica Langston
CatIntro5 Catya Washington
MehganIntro Mehgan James Season 9: Mexico
RockySantiagoBGC10PS Rocky Santiago Season 10: Atlanta
Shannon10 Shannon Sarich
NickyIntro Nicole Vargas
Vlcsnap-error276 Shanae Thomas Season 11: Miami
Bgcdalila Dalila Ortiz Season 12: Chicago
SarahIcon13 Sarah Oliver Season 13: Redemption
Rimaicon13 Rima Mellal
Jada13 Jada Cacchilli
Kat14 Kat Florek Season 14: Back For More
DimeLiv15 Liv Adams Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Babicz15 Kristina Babicz
S15WallaceSisters Jazmyn Wallace
Jaimee Wallace
Adryanintro Adryan Jones Season 16: Social Disruption
KiyannaIntro Kiyanna Bygrave Season 17: East Meets West
NatSouthIntro Natalie Nunn Baddies South
AnneIntro Anne Moore

Reunion Fights[]

Season Image Fight
2 TanishaLyric Tanisha Vs. Lyric
3 KaylaAshley Ashley Vs. Kayla
4 FlorinaNatalie Natalie Vs. Flo
5 AshleyTeeny Christina Vs. Ashley
KayleighKristenReunion Kristen Vs. Kayleigh
KristenLeaS5 Kristen Vs. Lea
KristenErica Erica Vs. Kristen & Catya
EricaJumpedS5 Erica Vs. Kristen, Catya and Christina
6 Charsydney Char Vs. Sydney, Ashley and Lauren
KoriJadeReunion Jade Vs. Kori
7 ShellyStasiReunion Nastasia Vs. Shelly
AngiePriscilla7 Priscilla Vs. Angie
8 EleaseCamillaFriend Elease Vs. Camilla and Her Friend
CamillaElease4 Elease Vs. Camilla (Round 1)
GiaAudienceMember Gia Vs. Audience Member
CamillaED3 Elease Vs. Camilla (Round 2)
9 Mehganfalen5 Mehgan Vs. Falen
Erikajulie Julie Vs. Erika
Mehganjulie Julie Vs. Mehgan
Dreajulie Julie Vs. Andrea and Christina
10 ShannonValS10 Shannon Vs. Valentina
Rockyval2 Rocky Vs. Valentina
Nancyshannon Shannon Vs. Nancy (Round 1)
ShannonNancy4 Shannon Vs. Nancy (Round 2)
ShannonJenn3 Shannon Vs. Jenniffer (Round 1)
ShannonNancy5 Shannon Vs. Nancy (Round 3)
ShannonJenn2 Shannon Vs. Jenniffer (Round 2)
NickyJenniffer Nicole Vs. Jenniffer
11 JazvsJanelle2 JazMone Vs. Janelle (Round 1)
JazvsJanelle3 JazMone Vs. Janelle (Round 2)
JanelleTiana Tiana Vs. Janelle
SarahGina2 Sarah Vs. GiGi
ShanaeBenze Shanae Vs. Benze
12 Aysiadiamond Aysia and Jada Vs. Diamond and Jonica
Brittjada Jada Vs. Brittany
Jadavseveryone Jada Vs. Loren, Brittany and Raesha
Brittdalila2 Dalila Vs. Brittany
13 Sarahrocky6 Rocky Vs. Sarah
Camillajada Jada Vs. Camilla
Jadadanni3 Jada Vs. Danielle
RimaJudi13 Judi Vs. Rima
14 GingerKat Kat Vs. Beatrice and Amber
JeLaminahKat Kat Vs. Jelaminah
15 JaimeeKirstinareunion Jaimee Vs. Kristina
Kristinajaimee Jaimee and Jaz Vs. Kristina and Angela
LivDime Diamond Vs. Olivia (Round 1)
DimeLiv2 Diamond Vs. Olivia (Round 2)
DimeLiv3 Diamond Vs. Olivia (Round 3)
JaimeeKristinaJazAngela Jaimee and Jaz Vs. Kristina, Angela and Diamond
SusuKristina Kristina Vs. Suha
HananAngela Angela Vs. Hanan
16 KailaKandyce Kandyce Vs. Kaila
16ReunionRiot Kandyce and Kabrina Vs. Tabatha, Kaila and Elliadria
17 SevenKiyanna3 Seven Vs. Kiyanna
SusanKiyanna3 Susan Vs. Francesca and Kiyanna
BGASB Mehgansecurity Mehgan Vs. Security
FloJasmine Flo Vs. Jasmine
BGASB 2 SarahAlicia Sarah Vs. Alicia
ATL JudiSidney2 Judi Vs. Sidney
South BaddiesSouthBrawl Rollie and Slim Vs. Natalie, Scotty and Chrisean
RollieScotty Rollie Vs. Scotty
ChriseanSlim2 Chrisean Vs. Slim (Round 1)
ChriseanSlim3 Chrisean Vs. Slim (Round 2)
SuaRockNatRollie Chrisean Vs. Elliadria / Rollie Vs. Natalie
West StunnaSkyRollieBiggie1 Rollie Vs. DJ Sky (Round 1) / Stunna Girl Vs. Biggie
StunnaSkyBiggieRollie2 Rollie and Biggie Vs. Stunna Girl and DJ Sky
TommieCat Catya Vs. Tommie Lee
RollieSky DJ Sky Vs Rollie (Round 2)
StunnaRollie2 Stunna Girl Vs Rollie
NatalieTommie Tommie Lee Vs. Natalie (Round 1)
TommieCamera Tommie Lee Vs. Cameran Man
NatalieTommie2 Tommie Lee Vs. Natalie (Round 2)