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Reunion Showdown is an event that occurred at the Season 15 reunion between The OGs and Team Replacements on January 27, 2016.

Reunion Pre-Show[]

The first 3 to enter are the Babicz Sisters and Diamond and they meet in their dressing room. The Babicz Sisters have issues with the Wallace Sisters and the Ibrahim Sisters while Diamond has issues Then the Green Sister/The Millionares state that they do not really care about them and they began making jokes about them. Diamond, Angela, and Kristina are conversing while Allison and Melissa join them. Kristina spots Jaimee and Jaz still wearing what they wore in the house. Kristina, Angela, and Diamond began taunting them which Jaimee gave them the finger and made jokes about Kristina wearing a prom dress. Jaimee and Jaz soon goes into their room which Olivia meets up with them as well as they are doing their make up together and talking about the girls. Olivia tells the Wallace Sisters about her issues with Diamond. Susu and Hanan arrive at the reunion which Diamond, Angela, and Kristina began taunting them as well with Susu calling them giving them the finger. Susu says she still has problems with Kristina who she calls Fiona while Hanan still has issues with Angela who she calls Donkey.


Name Reunion Episodes
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Amber Amber Amber Amber
Asia Asia Asia Asia
Angela Angela Angela Angela
Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond
Susu Susu Susu Susu
Hanan Hanan Hanan Hanan
Allison Allison Allison Allison
Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa
Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina
Jaimee Jaimee Jaimee Jaimee
Jazmyn Jazmyn Jazmyn Jazmyn
Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia
  • Susu, Hanan, Olivia, Diamond, Allison, and Melissa made an appearance in Part 1.
  • Susu & Hanan made multiple

appearances in Part 2.

  • Allison and Melissa did not make any appearance in Part 2.
  • Olivia voluntarily left the reunion in Part 3 after she claims that she was over the entire experience.
  • Jaimee & Jazmyn were removed in Part 3 after instigating multiple physical altercations and arguments with Kristina, Angela, and Asia.
  • Kristina voluntarily left the reunion in Part 3 after she cut her hand during a physical altercation with Susu.