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When a bad girl showed too much violence or being towards to somoene, the producers have no other choice to send the bad girl home or in some cases her own roommates decided to send her home.

List of Removed / Kicked out girls[]

Season Image Bad Girl Reason
Season 1 RipsiB1 Ripsi Terzian Ripsi was involved in a physical altercation with Kerry. Eventually the girls have the option to vote her out of the house, and they all voted her out. Ripsi was eventually sent packing.
Tys1 Ty Colliers Ty is sent home after a brutal physical altercation with Aimee on the beach in which Ty threw heavy punches and left Aimee's lip bleeding.
Season 2 Jennavecia Jennavecia


Jennavecia was offered a free pass to stay after a fight with Tanisha. Her luck didn't last long though. Jennavecia quit her assigned job and in turn, was sent home.
Season 3 Kayla3 Kayla Carter Kayla is sent packing after aphysical altercation with Amber in the limo and after this they both get out of the car and have another strong fight in a gas station
Whitney3 Whitney


During the trip to Cancun outside a club Whitney stars arguing with amber after that the both gettin into a street fight where some girls jump in and Whitney stars to kick Amber. Whitney was sent home for that beacause is not allowed kicking someone in a fight
Ailea3 Ailea Carr Ailea is Kicked out of the Bad Girls Club by Amber after finds that Ailea jump in the street fight between her and Whitney and pull her hair during the fight.
Season 4 Portiaintro Portia Beaman Portia overheard Natalie talking about her daughter. Furious, she attacked Natalie until the producers pulled her off and she was immediately sent home.
Natalieintro4 Natalie Nunn Natalie confronts Kendra on the street endins in a physical fight between the both, Amber and Lexie tries to break up the fight and Natalie attacks them. Security breaks up the fight and the girls back to the house in the limo, exept Natalie who denied to get in the car. after insults the producers she stop a random car in the street and never back to the house
Kateintro Kate Squillace Kate punch Annie in the face and go outside. when Amber an Lexie finds that "fight" they go outside to calls her out and Kate hits Amber and Lexie jumps in. Kate was inmediately sent home after the fight for throw the first hit in both altercations
Season 5 Morganintro Morgan Osman Morgan had a physical altercation with Brandi, Erica and Danielle after that she try to use the phone but nobody attends so she break in the production room and slaps a producer in the face gettin sent home for break make disturbs in the production room
Brandi1 BrandiArceneaux Brandi gets kicked out of the house by Lea due Brandi attacks Lea and throw dangerous objects arround the house harming Kristen and Christina after that Brandi gets send to a hotel and the next day when she backs to the house Lea tells her she needs to leave.
Kristen1 Kristen Guinane Kristen hits Lea in the face and Lea hits back ending in fight in the couch. Kristen is send a hotel. The producer tells her she has to go but the next day she back to the house to apologies to Lea and she doesn`t acept the apology. Kristen back to miami to pack her stuff and return to her home.
ChristinaSeason5PS ChristinaHopkins Christina runs up on Ashley and punch her, Lea and Erica jumps her with Ashley the

fight finish with Christina being kick out the limo and season ends there. Christina claims she get sent home after the fihgt for hit ashley first. And Ashley kinda confirm that at the reunion ("Were you there to see it? Of course not you, were sent home").

Season 6 Ashley6 Ashley King Ashley punch Kori in the face starting a huge physical altercation on the hallway, the both girls ends with a black

eye, Ashley goes to a hotel and the next day she call to the house and tells she can`t come back for throwing the first punch.

WilmarieSeason6PS Wilmarie Sena Wilmarie gets sent home in the season finale after a brutally fighting Nikki multiple times.

Also in the last round she kicks Nikki contributing to her depature.

Season 7 Priscilla7 PriscillaMennella Priscilla goes off and attacks Judi on the hallway, after that Priscilla tries to enters in the beauty room to attack Judi with objects but security don`t let her in. when she pass the guards attacks Judi and leave her bleeding for her mouth. Production send her home for being to brutal.
Tasha7 Tasha Malek After a Physical altercation with Nastasia, Tasha calls the police. After both give their

versions of the facts the police leaves and production sent her home for involving the police because thats not allowed and also she throws the first hit.

Stasi7 NastasiaTownsend Stasi grabbed a glass of water and threw it in Shelly’s face before brutally punching her in the face. Stasi violently punched her in the head repeatedly. Security went in as well as Angie while tried to break them up. For the brutality of the fight Stasi get sent packing
537D44DA-8540-4AFC-BA29-ACC87FFF189D CheyenneEvans Tired of her attitudes Tiara make Cheyenne believe the show is over and the limo is ready for her. Cheyenne falls in the prank and leave the house.
Season 8 Vlcsnap-error147 CamillaPoindexter The girls try to jump Camilla when she's sleeping and she violently punched Mimi smashing her body on the table, Mimi starts throwing desperate kicks at Camilla, Camilla kicks Mimi in the face and then Amy and Elease jump in to attack Camilla. Laterly Camilla and Amy fights one and one. Due too much violence Camilla was sent home
Season 9 Erika9 Erika Jordan Erika grabs her by the back of the head and punches her in the face. she puts her in a headlock and walks her through the hallway. Erika begins hitting Rima hard in the back of the head and her back . The two are eventually broken up by security. Producers sent Erika home for hit Rima so hard.
Christina9 ChristinaSalgado Christina punches Rima on the back of her head before the two tumble and land on the ground. Christina kicks Rima in the face and both pull each other’s hair once again wrestling and fighting brutally Rima scratches Christina’s face and Christina eventually gets the upper hand kicking Rima in the face again. During the fight, Rima bites Christina's leg before security comes to break the fight up. Christina is removed from the house after kicks Rima.
Season 10 2489712 orig Jenn Hardwick Jenn is still uppercutting Rocky. Rocky pulls Jenn into the confessional room by her hair and

Jenn kicks Rocky`s face and thats the reason for she was sent packing by production.

Alicia10 Alicia Saaman Alicia sneak attacks Rocky and punches her in the face, Rocky puts her legs up trying to pull Alicia away as Alicia keeps swinging at and misses a few times, finally rocky kicks Alicia over her head, flips her over, and begins to punch Alicia and smash her face making Alicia’s nose bleed. Finally Alicia is removed from the house for starts the fight.
Season 11 Mimi11 Milyn Jensen Mimi puts Sarah in a headlock and then both Sarah and Mimi begin hitting each other’s head repeatedly. Mimi then started scratching Sarah’s eyeball directly. after the fight Milyn gets sent home for leave Sarah eyeballbleeding
Sarah11 Sarah Oliver After Milyn`s exit, the producers they reviewed the previous fights of Sarah and they decided to sent her home after considered her too violent for starts all the physical altercations with Gigi, Tiana, JazMone and Mimi.
Teresa11 TeresaBordeaux Meanwhile Janelle is fighting both Gina and Jazmone, Teresa steps in the room and grabbed Janelle to the floor and kicks her head. the next morning Teresa is sent packing for kicking Janelle with her heels.
Vlcsnap-error428 Janelle Shanks Tiana pulls Janelle out of the doorway and Janelle pulls Tiana's hair. Tiana grabs Janelle's arm and starts punching her in the head while Janelle still holds on to Tiana's hair. Janelle pulls Tiana's hair downwards and Tiana throws another blow to the head. Tiana is pulled away by security and Janelle also hits Jazmone on her way out and splits, and she leaves
Season 12 REDD12 Redd Carswell Redd is pushed to the limit when she brutally punches Jada and starts punching her, Jada fights back and punches redd as well, both keep brutally fighting in the limo. This situation is taken to the extreme when Redd's infuriation transfers to the security and the producers, who send Redd home.
Britt12 Britt Britton Britt getting tires of her antics, told Dalila stop talking and not to take a step towards her. Britt punched her in the jaw causing her to fall. While Dalila was getting her bloody lip. Production makes Britt go to a hotel and they send her home the next day.
Alex12 Alex Rice After finding she is talking trash about Loren and Jada, the girls calls out Alex and tells her need to leave and stars to pack her stuff. alex is resigned and le the girls Kick her out, after Loren throw champagne on her stuff Alex leave the house.
Season 13 Natalie13 Natalie Nunn Rocky shoves Natalie, dropping her glass. Natalie grabs Rocky's mohawk, while Rocky pulls Natalie's hair and hits her in the face. Rocky and Redd punches and kicks Natalie in the stomach and her back. When Rocky is pulled off of Natalie, Redd runs up and punches Natalie and bites her. Natalie was sent home for start the fight and Redd had to go too for jumping and biting Natalie.
Redd13 Redd Carwell
Judi13 Judi Jai After see her clothes ruined Judi loses her mind starts to throw threats to the other girls and production told her she has to go to a hotel, at the hotel the producers told Judi she needs to go for thrown death threats at her roommates.
Jada13 Jada Cacchilli Jada swings at Camilla but misses. Jada throws a heel that hit Danni in the eyebrow and the second hit Camilla in the face. Both Camilla and Jada tries to swings each and other. Danni's eyebrow stars to bleed and Jada get kick out the limo and the producers send her home for harms Danni
Season 14 Tina14 Tina Aviles Tina is Kicked out of the house by Jelaminah afer she felt Tina is too boring to remain in the house.
Jela14 Jelaminah Lanier Jela and The Clermont twins arrive back from the club only to find all of their stuff over the yard. The twins enter the house while Jela is taking off her shoes. The twins go upstairs. Jenna starts a brief fight with Shannon, but Shannade tells Shannon not to swing. Jela grabs Lauren by the shirt and begins to punch Lauren in the face multiple times while Kat sneaks a couple punches on Jela. In the aftermath Jela and the twins begin to destroy the house, threats and attacks the producers and security this caused Jela and the twins to be removed from the house.
Shannon14 ShannonClermont
Shannade14 ShannadeClermont
Season 15 DimeLiv15 Liv Adams After goes at it a few times Liv and Diamond cant support each and other. In the life coach session Diamond explodes and tells Laura Liv is really not her sister, she is her Ex girlfriend. after that producers sent Diamond and Olivia home beacuse the show its about sister so is not fair what they stays wasn't biological sisters
Angela15 Angela Babicz Hanan proceeds to mush Angela in the face and the brawl begins. Susu pucnhes Angela and in the midst of everything, Angela throws a drink at Hanan's face. After the fight is broken up, one side of Hanan's face was cut due to Angela throwing a glass at her, Angela and Kristina were both sent to a hotel. Angela was sent home due to throwing a glass at Hana face
S15IbrahimSisters Susu Ibrahim Susu comes and begins to punch Kristina. Hanan tried to jump but is blocked by security. Susu punches Kristina while Amber sneaks Susu and starts fighting her. Hanan throws a chair at Amber and drags her. The producers tell Hanan and Susu that since Susu threw pictures the night before, and Hanan threw a chair at Amber, they have to go home.
Hanan Ibrahim
Season 16 Tabatha16 Tabatha"DreamDoll"Robinson After bullying and instigates the other girls pick on Kailie for days. Kaila pushes Kailie in the hallway and she dont fight back an try to go downstairs but Tabatha runs and kick her in her back. The next morning Producers sents "Dreamdoll" packing for kick someone

wasn`t fight back and constantly picks on Kailie.

Elliadria16 Elliadria"Persuasian" Griffin Elliadria states that she wants to fight and pushes Kaila. The two swing at each other both missing their swings before Elliadria starts punching Kalia on her shoulder and then the back of her head. While Elladria is pulling Kaila's hair. Elliadria bits her finger and lets go of her hair, putting an end to the fight. Elliadria goes to a hotel and is sent home the next day for bitting Kaila's finger. Kaila's fingernail was gone and her pinky was broken.
Season 17 Susan17 SusanShermann Upset about all the petty arguments with Kiyanna and Francesca. Susan loses her mind and steps up outsides Fran's room staring at her and grabs a rat tail comb. After that the producers tells she had to go home because the situation was dangerous.
Seven17 Seven Craft After the fight in Las Vegas trip, Key and Seven back earlier to the house. When The girls arrive Briana goes to her room and Key runs up on her and begin fighting as Key begins

hitting her on the bed. Meanwhile at the same time this fight happens Seven attacks Kiyanna and grabs her and stars punching in the head. Key and Seven are both sent home for violently attacks the girls.

Key17 KeyairaHamilton
Baddies South RockIntro Chrisean Rock After a heated argument with her, Slim are scared to Chrisean attacks her agains so she calls the U.S Marshalls and present charges. after that Chrisean gets arrested and eventually has sent home after being released but Chrisean visits the girls in the season finale.
Baddies Caribbean WendollieIcon Wendollie Monroe When Natalie picks the replacements who can move in the house. She choose four of the six reserve girls. Picking Jelly Bean, J.O, Nunu and Keva. Heaven and Wendollie are not picked and Natalie told both of them they had to pack and go home.
HeavenIcon Heaven Marina