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Redd vs. Natalie
Season 13: Redemtion
Between Natalie Nunn and Alyssa "Redd" Carswell
Number of Fights 2


Round 1

After the physical altercation between Natalie vs. Camilla, Redd confronts Natalie about her consistent lying of taking advantage of Judi and as Redd questions Natalie, Natalie mocks Redd only to be punched on the side of her face by her and then 2 security guards quickly come to pull away Redd from Natalie and then Natalie vs. Redd (Round 2) happens later on after this fight ends there.

Winner: Redd

Round 2


After the kitchen fight, Redd rudely comes to the phone room where Natalie is on the phone to her husband and then eventually hangs up on the phone as Natalie is trying to finish her conversation on the phone and then she swings the phone at Redd's arm to knock her drink over the floor and then as security comes to get in between the girls, Redd slaps the glass off of Natalie's hand that she has and then spits on her only for Natalie to stand up and attempt to throw the glass at Redd but misses and then as Redd tries to fight back against Natalie, security quickly comes to break up the fight and it eventually ends there.

Winner: Tie