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Redd vs. Jada
Season 12: Chicago
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Between Alyssa "Redd" Carswell and Jada Cacchilli
Number of Fights 2

Redd vs. Jada is the numerous physical altercations between Alyssa "Redd" Carswell and Jada Cacchilli in Season 12. After a second fight, Redd was sent home for physically attacking Jada. 


Round 1[]

At Lake Geneva, Redd makes indirect comments towards Jada, which creates a confrontation between the two. This is after Redd teases Jada for having a different name, Angela, to which offends Jada. Meanwhile, the fight escalates when Jada calls out Redd, leading to her throwing a pillow at Redd. Redd clocks Jada and slam her on the ground and as Redd is punching her, Jada pulls her hair and kicks her 3 times.

Winner: Redd

Round 2[]


Before this fight occurs, Redd admits to her father that she wants to fight Jada one last time, even though Redd's father, Yellow, does not agree and makes her vow not to fight Jada. However, this vow is broken when Redd is angered when Jada is infuriated over Alex's friend, Anthony, attending the V.I.P. section at a club. Redd continues to voice her opinion on the situation in the limo, which causes Jada to defend herself. As a result, Redd is pushed to the limit when she brutally uppercuts Jada and starts punching her, Jada fights back and pulls Redd's hair and kicks her, both keep brutally fighting in the limo. They eventually break it up and Jada pushes Redd making Redd roll and get slammed in the road. This situation is taken to the extreme when Redd's infuriation transfers to the security and the producers, who send Redd home. 

Winner: Redd



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