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Rocky vs. Jenniffer
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Jenniffer Hardwick and Raquel "Rocky" Santiago
Number of Fights 5

Raquel vs. Jenniffer is the physical altercations between Raquel Santiago and Jenniffer Hardwick in the tenth season of Bad Girls Club.


Round 1

When Jenn makes a Hot Pocket, Rocky proceeds to eat it behind her back. When Jenn finds out about this, she complains that it was her food. Rocky then nonchalantly says that she'll make her another one. Later on, Rocky confronts Jenn about the Hot Pocket situation, saying how it was not a 'big deal'. Jenn then yells at Rocky, saying that it was a big deal, because she's not supposed to eat other people's food. She then slams the Hot Pocket plate in her hand into Rocky's face, which causes her to push Jenn in response.

Winner: Tie

Round 2

After Round 1 between these 2 girls, both Jenn and Rocky engage in another fight with Jenn hitting Rocky's face and then Rocky does the same thing back to Jenn and then Jenn hits Rocky harder and then as Jenn approaches Rocky, she gets pushed hard against the wall and then as Paula and Stephanie come to and are pulling the girls apart from each other, Jenn quickly snatches Rocky by her hair and the fight ends there.

Winner: Rocky

Round 3


Another Fight engages between these girls with Jenn throwing a piece of food at Rocky only to then be eventually thrown to the floor hard by her and then as security comes to pull them apart, Rocky manages to land a kick to Jenn's stomach as Jenn tries to approach her and fight her more.

Winner: Rocky

Round 4


As the girls are having fun time in the house, Jenn bullies Rocky once again and then keeps throwing things at her and keeps trying to drag Rocky from the stairs only to be pushed back by her 3 times and then as Jenn keeps trying to pick on Rocky, Rocky pushes her hard back and then Jenn tries to grab Rocky's bra to rip it out off of her and the fight eventually ends there.

Winner: Jenn

Round 5


After an original confrontation between Rocky and Val, Jenn jumps into the argument and then throws a cup at Rocky starting a fight as Rocky throws the cup back at her and then Jenn leaps over the limo and then both Jenn and Rocky land a couple of punches to each other's face but then as Rocky slides down onto the floor of the limo, she repeatedly kicks Jenn and Jenn tries to fight back but both Jenn and Rocky are both caught on between Val who tries to stop the fight from happening and then the fight ends there with Rocky being sent back to the BGC10 Mansion/House in a different car alongside Shannon.

Winner: Rocky