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Raquel vs. Alicia
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Rocky Santiago and Alicia Saaman

Raquel vs. Alicia are the physical altercations between Rocky Santiago and Alicia Saaman in the tenth season of Bad Girls Club. The second fight in the season finale had resulted in Alicia being removed from the house. 


Still mad about their first fight, Alicia decides that she wants revenge. When the girls get back from the club celebrating their final night in the house, Alicia pretends nothing bad it’s happening but then she quickly sneak attacks Rocky and punches her in the face, Rocky puts her legs up trying to pull Alicia away as Alicia keeps swinging at and misses a few times, finally rocky kicks Alicia over her head, flips her over, and begins to punch Alicia and smash her face making Alicia’s nose bleed. Security attempts to pull them apart, Alicia pulls Rocky’s hair as they both got up and after some hair pulling from Alicia they were finally separated. Rocky starts telling Alicia she beat her ass again, finally Alicia is removed from the house for starts the fight.

Winner: Rocky