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Random Girl vs. Lea, Cat and Brandi
Season 5
Between Random Girl with Lea Beaulieu, Catya Washington and Brandi Arceneaux


For Lea's birthday, the girls take her to a club to celebrate when the entertainer announces her birthday surprise, a girl sneaks into the bad girls section and begins to complain to Lea and she answers her allegations. The girl quickly punches Lea in the face and they both fall fighting to the ground, while Catya quickly jumps to Lea's defense and pulls the girl's hair and hits her head with a heel, all this while continuing to fight with Lea who is fighting the girl who ends up on the floor. Brandi, noticing the fight, runs to defend Lea and begins to kick the girl to the ground, security and other people from the club break up the fight.

Winners: Lea, Catya "Cat" and Brandi


The girls decided to take the limo and return to the house. Meanwhile the other girl is pulled out the club.