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Amber and Natalie vs. Random Girl
Season 4: Los Angeles
Between Amber McWha. Natalie Nunn and Random GIrl
Episodes Go With The Flo

Amber and Natalie vs. Girl is a physical altercation involving Amber McWha and Natalie Nunn against a girl in Season 4 of Bad Girls Club.


While at the bar, Amber dances with a guy. His girlfriend confronts Amber for it and ends up in a small altercation. When outside, The Girl and Amber fight again as the girl ends up slamming Amber on the ground and repeatedly punches her in the back of the head. Kendra tries to break it up but Amber blindly punches the girl in the face. Natalie jumps in, pushing the girl back and grabbing her hair. The fight is broken up as the police arrive.

Winner: Random Girl


  • This is the first altercation where a bad girl got into a physical altercation with someone not in the BGC house



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