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Portia vs. Natalie
Season 4
Between Natalie Nunn and Portia Beaman
Number of Fights 1

Portia vs. Natalie is a physical altercation between Portia Beaman and Natalie Nunn in Season 4 of Bad Girls Club. This is the opening fight of Season 4. Portia is removed from the house after this altercation.

Natalie and Portia's rivalry increases when Natalie makes a disrespectful comment about Portia's motherhood and calls her out of her name. When Portia overhears this, she tries to find her and see where she is. Flo tries to stop her, but Portia is infuriated. Portia finds her outside and walks up to her and mushes her before she started punching Natalie in the head. Natalie pulls her hair and flipped/slammed Portia's head on the stairs and started punching her on the back of her head before Portia got back up and continued punching Natalie on the back of her head, before the two fell on the ground in the driveway. The two continued to pull each other’s hair with Portia continuing to punch Natalie on her head and started uppercutting her until security manages to pull them apart. After the fight, Natalie puts ice on her face and Portia goes to the hospital because Natalie slammed her head on the staircase. In the end she tells production to send her home.

Winner: Portia



Natalie vs Portia BGC4


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