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Portia Beaman
Bad Girl Information
The Pistol
June 14, 1984
Kansas City, Missouri
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 4
6 episodes
Amber McWha
Annie Andersen
Flo Kaja
Kate Squillace
Kendra James
Natalie Nunn
Kendra James (formerly)
Removed from the house in Season 4
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Natalie, where the f*ck are you, you stupid b*tch?!

Portia Beaman (also known as The Pistol) is an original bad girl on Season 4. Portia is currently 39 years old and she resides in Kansas City, Missouri.


Sugar and spice epitomized, Portia's notable characteristics include vindictive behavior, a sharp tongue, and a "try anything once" mentality. Urban living and a painful adolescence toughened Portia's skin.


Season 4[]

Bad Girls Episodes
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  1. Portia is removed from the show in episode 4 after a physical altercation with Natalie.
  2. Portia is replaced by Lexie in episode 5.
  3. Portia made an appearance in episode 7 for the Oxygen photoshoot.


Opponents Episode
Clubbrawlsson4 Random Girl Off The Wall


Can Buy Me Love


  • Portia was the first Bad Girl from Missouri.
  • Portia was pregnant at the reunion.


Season 4[]