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Season 1[]

Opening Fight[]

BGF01 BG101 102 Ripsi-v-Kerry

The series first opening fight between Ripsi and the house

The opening fight of a season is the season opener. It shows the biggest, wildest altercation of the season, usually the fight that causes the most drama, as opposed to the fight that ends it.

Trashing the Kitchen[]

This was a common and dramatized act in the first five seasons. Beginning in season one during Ripsi's attack on the house.

  • Season 1- After her fight with Kerry, Ripsi threw several chairs in the kitchen, as well as the centerpiece and fruit on the table.
  • Season 2- Like Ripsi, Darleen trashed the kitchen during a drunken rampage, leaving an even bigger mess.
  • Season 3- After messing with Whitney's homophobia the entire ride home, Kayla engaged in a shouting match with Whitney that ended in a fight inwhich the two threw several objects in the kitchen at each other, ending with Tiffany vomiting in the kitchen sink. The kitchen was again trashed in the finale when the girls laid waste the the entire house.
  • Season 5- At one point, Lea and Kristen went on a yelling rampage