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Poppin’ In
Season Three
Season 3, Episode 6
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Poppin' In is the sixth episode of the third season of Bad Girls Club. This episode marks a guest appearance of Bad Girl Tanisha Thomas.


After Kayla leaves, the Ambers become quite separated from the rest of the girls, and their actions only keep the fire alight. At a surfing event, Amber M. constantly flirts with the surf trainer, which ticks everyone else off. Later on, bored with the rest of the girls, the Ambers discover that Tanisha is currently in the city and they decide to prank the girls by making them believe that Tanisha is going to be the new roommate. They find Tanisha and wreck her radio program, introducing themselves and making her support their idea. She agrees and plays everything out just as the Ambers wanted, intimidating and confusing the rest of the girls. She revealed that it was just a prank then and left. Later on, the girls go out. There, Amber B. gets too drunk to even move, and Amber M. makes out with the surf trainer, which disgusts the girls. In the limo, Whitney and Amber M. get into a heated argument, which resulted in a fight between the two. Back home, the girls spot the new girl's portrait under a sheet. They tear it off and are shocked to see their future roommate's face