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Parting Shots
Bad Girls Club: New Orleans
Season 7, Episode 13
Air date October 31, 2011
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Parting Shots is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season of Bad Girls Club. It aired on October 31, 2011.


The episode picks up with Tiara, Judi and Nastasia throwing Cheyenne's mattress in the pool. Cheyenne then confronts them. Later that night, Tiara doesn't want Cheyenne to go to dinner with the girls. The next day, Tiara tricks Cheyenne into leaving by putting her luggage in her room, calling the limousine to pick her up and telling her she needs to go. Cheyenne believes Tiara and leaves. The remaining 5 girls head to the club later that night. Once they get home Nastasia confronts Angie and Shelly about the contacts. Nastasia then physically attacks Shelly. Nastasia is removed from the house. Angie, Tiara, Shelly, and Judi say their goodbyes and leave.


  • Cheyenne is kicked out of the house.
  • Nastasia is removed from the house.