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An image of the dramatic scene that takes place in season 11 between Janelle Shanks and GiGi Lopez, just before their fight.

Each season of Bad Girls Club begins with an Opening Fight. Here, viewers are shown the biggest and most intense physical altercation of the season, usually in terms of which would cause the most drama (as opposed to which would be the end result of drama). The program would then go back to a the beginning, opening up the show as normal. This fight usually gives viewers an idea of who is going to be the most dramatic, theatrical girl in the house, and who's appearance will cause the most drama. It also gives the viewer an idea on which girls will likely form their own cliques and/or which girls may be considered outcasts. This altercation draws in many viewers and keeps them wondering what will happen next.


  • Seasons 1 and 5 hold the record for the shortest amount of time to pass before an opening fight takes place. Both fights began in the first episode of said seasons and carried on into the second.
  • Season 10, however, holds the record for the longest amount of time until the opening fight took place, having occured in the 11/12th episode.
  • Season 15 is currently the only season to not feature an originally aired opening fight.


Season Image Girls involved Episode
Season 1 KerryRipsi2 Ripsi Vs Kerry and Jodie 3
Season 2 DarlenHouse Darlen Vs Tanisha and Neveen 10
Season 3 E0B8 Amber Vs Kayla 5
Season 4 NataliePortia Portia Vs Natalie 4
Season 5 MorganHouse Morgan Vs Brandi, Erica and Danielle 2
Season 6 LaurenAshley3 Ashley Vs Lauren, Nikki and Kori 3
Season 7 Judipriscilla Judi Vs Priscilla 9
Season 8 Twinselease2 Dani and Gabi Vs

Gia, Erica, Demitra and Elease

Season 9 Mehganrimafalen Mehgan Vs Rima and Falen 8
Season 10 RockyHouse10 Raquel Vs Valentina, Alicia and Nancy 12
Season 11 Janellegigi Janelle Vs Gina, JazMone and Teresa 6
Season 12 Lorenjada6 Jada Vs Loren 2
Season 13 Rockynat Natalie Vs Raquel and Redd 4
Season 14 JennaShannon Jeleminah, Shannon and Shannade

Vs Jenna, Lauren and Kat

Season 15 Bgc15limofight4 Jazmyn and Jaimee Vs

Amber, Asia, Olivia and Kristina

Season 16 BryneshaZee-0 Zee Vs Brynesha 2
Season 17 SayyoraKeyaira2 Keyaira Vs Sayyora 3
Baddies ATL Natalie vs Christina Christina Vs Natalie 1
Baddies South ChriseanElliadria1 Chrisean Vs Elliadria 1
Baddies West ChriseanLoren1 Chrisean Vs Loren 2
Baddies East SukihanaRollie Rollie Vs Sukihana 17
Baddies Caribbean TBA