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Olivia vs. Diamond
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Between Olivia "Liv" Adams and Diamond "Dime" Jimenez
Number of Fights 3


Round 1

After Liv tells Dime "Why don't you come eat this p*ssy again?", Diamond stands up and approaches Olivia only to sneak her by punching her in the face and as Liv attempts to fight back, Dime starts pacing backwards as security is grabbing and pulling Liv away from Dime and as Liv is chasing after her and the fight ends there but Round 2 happens quickly.

Winner: Diamond

Round 2

After Round 1, Liv eventually stands up and runs up on Dime only to be repeatedly kicked on her stomach as she hits Dime on her stomach and somewhat pushes her back onto the couch before getting pulled away once again by security and the fight ends there.

Winner: Oliva

Round 3

After an argument once again occurs between these 2 girls, Dime calls Liv out and the 2 stand up to each other and the 2 start spinning each other around, Dime punches Liv on her face twice whilst Liv pulls her hair and punches her about 3 times on the top of her head but as Tanisha and security comes to break up the fight, they both double-punch each other with Dime punching Liv on her face whilst Liv punches Dime on her head and the fight ends there with Olivia leaving the reunion stage as Diamond is happy about it.

Winner: Tie