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Why don't you come eat this p*ssy!
Olivia "Liv" Adams
Bad Girl Information
The Swanky Swindler
October 6, 1989
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
9 episodes
Jaimee Wallace
Jaz Wallace
Angela Babicz
Asia Jeudy
Amber Thorne
Dime Jimenez (ex-girlfriend)
Kristina Babicz
The Winning Team
Removed from the house in Season 15
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Olivia "Liv" Adams (also known as The Swanky Swindler) is an original bad girl on Season 15. Liv is currently 27 and she resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Olivia and Diamond are half-sisters who share a love of pranks and the ladies. They didn’t grow up together and only found out about each other when their father was released from jail. From teasing men in the clubs to catching the attention of straight women, Olivia craves attention and is a huge flirt. Diamond always wants to be in charge, yet her controlling ways creates tension between her and her older sister. These lesbian ladies are looking forward to working with a life coach to help deal with their rough upbringing. Olivia also hopes to find ways to cope with the loss of her mother.


Bad Girl Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3-4 Episode 5 Episode 6
Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia
  1. Olivia was removed from the house in episode 6 after her & Diamond admitted that they were not biological sisters, they were exes.
  2. Olivia is replaced by Suha in episode 7.


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No Room for T.H.O.T.S.
DiamondOlivia1 Diamond Season 15: Reunion Part 2
DimeLiv2 Season 15: Reunion Part 2
DimeLiv3 Season 15: Reunion Part 2


  • In Episode 1, she said that she had cancer, however the following episode it turns out that she did not have cancer and she never had cancer at all.
  • She and Diamond were removed from the house for lying about being sisters. Diamond also revealed that she and Olivia were actually ex-lovers.


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