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No Room for T.H.O.T.S.
Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters
Season 15, Episode 4
No room for thots
Air date April 5, 2016
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Release the Beast and Other Tall Tales
A Family Affair (& other tall tales) Part Deux

No Room for the fourth episode of the fifteenth season of the Bad Girls Club. It aired on April 5, 2016.

Featured Cast:[]

  1. Angela Babicz
  2. Kristina Babicz
  3. Amber Throne
  4. Asia Jeudy
  5. Olivia "Liv" Adams
  6. Diamond "Dime" Jimenez
  7. Allison Green
  8. Melissa Green
  9. Jaimee Wallace
  10. Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace


Torn between her ostracized sister and the rest of her roommates, Diamond finds herself on shaky ground in the house. Four new girls arrive to stir things up, but two of them instantly rub the OG’s the wrong way.