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Nicky vs. Jenniffer
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Nicole "Nicky" Vargas and Jenniffer Hardwick

Nicole vs. Jenniffer is the physical altercation between Nicole Vargas and Jenniffer Hardwick in the tenth season's third part of the reunion in Bad Girls Club. 


Jenn tells Shannon that she deserved to be bullied and picked on. Nicky confronts her saying nobody deserves to be picked on. The two get in each others faces as Nicky punches Jenn. Jenn manages to push Nicky onto the couch as they both repeatedly punch each other on their faces/heads and then security manages to break up the fight as Nicky pulls Jenn's hair. Jenn tries to punch Nicky but ends up missing. Nicky sees this and rushes at her with security pulling her. Jenn manages to hit Nikki in the face and they both pull each other across the stage with security breaking it up. Nicky ends up leaving with pieces of Jenn's hair.

Winner: Tie