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Natalie vs. Scotty is the physical altercation between Natalie Nunn and Scotty Ryan on the third season of baddies called Baddies West. They also fight again in Baddies East.

Natalie vs. Scotlynd
Baddies West
Between Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan and Natalie Nunn


Natalie is still heated after getting smacked in the face by Chrisean while on IG live. While Natalie throws a tantrum, Scotty goes outside to check on her but once Natalie sees Scotty laughing, Natalie psychically attacks Scotty with Scotty telling Natalie to "wait". Natalie grabs Scotty's hair and throws a few hits before attempting to slam her. Scotty then becomes emotional after the fight but the two eventually make up.

Winner: Natalie