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Natalie vs Scotty 2

Natalie and Scotty get into an argument after Scotty allegedly disrespected Natalie by sending a text message to someone in the group. Natalie snaps on Scotty and chokes/mushes her onto the table with Scotty getting a few kicks in before being broken up by security.

Winner: Tie

Round 2

Natalie vs Scotty

The next day Scotty and Natalie attempt to have a conversation about the fight, Scotty then swings on Natalie and Natalie puts her hands up to block it, Scotty grabs Natalie’s hair instead and swings again, Natalie Punches Scotty’s arm 2 times, Natalie grabs Scotty’s braids and Scotty’s bun unties, Scotty swings again and Natalie punches Scotty on the forehead, Natalie’s rings effect Scotty’s forehead so Scotty has red bumps on her forehead, Scotty swings again and swings 2 more times until security guards separate them.

Winner: Tie/Scotty