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Natalie vs. Rocky and Redd
Season 13: Redenption
Between Rocky Santiago, Alyssa "Redd" Carswell, and Natalie Nunn
Number of Fights 1

Natalie vs Rocky and Redd is the physical altercation between Raquel "Rocky" Santiago, Alyssa "Redd" Carswell, and Natalie Nunn on the thirteenth season of Bad Girls Club.


After Natalie has said very hurtful insults to Camilla, Rocky decides to step in and order Natalie to stop. When Rocky's mother calls and Natalie picks up the phone, Rocky tries to snatch it out of her hands. Natalie stands up to Rocky, telling her not to snatch stuff out of her hands. Rocky shoves Natalie, dropping her glass. Natalie smacks the phone upside Rocky's head. Natalie grabs Rocky's mohawk, while Rocky pulls Natalie's hair and hits her in the face. Natalie accidentally kicks Redd in her leg. Rocky kinda throws Natalie against the wall as they both held onto each other’s hair. While the two are pulling each others hair Natalie swings at Rocky repeatedly on her head and face whilst Redd punches Natalie on her back and kicks her in the stomach. As security separates them Rocky manages to get her final kick in Natalie's face. When Rocky is pulled off of Natalie, Redd runs up and punches Natalie and pulls her hair. Natalie pulls Redd’s hair causing Redd to bite Natalie in the arm, leaving a huge hole. Redd falls still pulling Natalie's hair and kicking her and getting one last hit while Camilla and Rocky are cheering.

Winner: Rocky and Redd


After the fight Natalie is removed from the house from hitting Rocky with the phone and starting the fight. As well as Redd is removed for biting and jumping Natalie.



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