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Natalie vs Kendra, Amber and Lexie
Season 4: Los Angeles
Between Natalie Nunn, Amber McWha Kendra James and Lexie Woltz
Episodes Puppet Master

Natalie vs. Kendra, Amber and Lexie is the physical altercation between Natalie NunnKendra James, Lexie Woltz and Amber McWha in Season 4 of Bad Girls Club. Natalie is removed from the house after this fight.


When Natalie gets a ticket for disorderly conduct during their road trip, Natalie's complaining behavior irritates Kendra, and the two get into an intense argument. Kendra and Natalie get in each others face, which leads to Natalie push Kendra down and falling on top of her. The two tussle with Natalie standing up to try and attack Kendra who kicks Natalie on her legs repeatedly before Natalie falls and once again lands on top of Kendra and the two start pulling each other’s hair. Lexie try’s to break it up by grabbing Natalie’s arm and ends up getting her hair pulled as a result. Amber comes to help, but Natalie let’s go of Lexie and starts pulling her hair as well with Amber falling forward on Natalie while Lexie pulls Kendra up from the ground and watch as security finally intervened and grabs Amber who swings at Natalie’s arm since she still has her hair. Natalie responds by punching Amber repeatedly until security pulls them apart.

Winner: Natalie


As Kendra, Amber, and Lexie return home, Natalie refuses to get in the production van. Instead, Natalie pulls someone over and finds her own way home. She is sent home because of this.



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