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Natalie vs. Kendra
Season 4
Between Natalie Nunn and Kendra James


Round 1

As Natalie moves to another seat in the limo after not wanting to hear what Kendra has got to say because of how annoying that Kendra is so then eventually Natalie has had enough of Kendra constantly talking so she double-punches her on the face and then Natalie attempts to throw a glass to throw at Kendra but then is stopped and pulled back by an angry Flo who says that she will beat her up if she doesn't stop and the fight ends there.

Winner: Natalie

Round 2

After an argument between these two girls, Kendra pushes Natalie back against a table in the club that they are in and Natalie does the same thing back and then the two start having a little pushing and shoving match and then they are pulled away by Amber and Lexie and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie