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Natalie vs. Kaliwae
Baddies Caribbean
Between Natalie Nunn and Johnece "Kaliwae" Miller
Number of Fights 1
Episodes "Flew'd Out"

Natalie vs. Kaliwae is the physical altercation between Natalie Nunn and Johnece “Kaliwae" Miller on the fifth season of Baddies, Baddies Caribbean (Season 5).

Kaliwae enters the dinner and is immediately quite rowdy, picking a fight with just about everybody, especially Natalie. During their argument, Natalie throws a plate at Kaliwae and misses. Natalie and Kaliwae come face to face but Natalie slips, with Kaliwae then standing on a table and Natalie gets up and stands on the couch, Natalie pops Kaliwae on the stomach 2 times then Kali swings, Natalie pushes Kali and Kali falls but Kali grabs Natalie’s wig so Natalie falls down aswell, Natalie starts hitting kali, Kali gets more on top and starts swinging on Natalie, security guards grab Kali but Kali holds onto Natalie’s wig and ends up yanking it off, Natalie pops kali in the arm 2 times before security pulls kali away totally.

Winner: Kaliwae