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Natalie vs. Christina
Baddies ATL
Natalie vs Christina
Between Natalie Nunn and Christina Salgado
Number of Fights 2

Natalie vs. Christina is the physical altercation between Natalie Nunn and Christina Salgado in the Bad Girls Club spinoff, Baddies ATL. The fights occur with Round 1 in the series' first episode, "Reunited And It Feels So... BAD" and Round 2 occuring on the series' third episode "Sit Down or Throw Down!".

Round 1

Natalie comes to Christina’s room to confront her while Christina complained about Natalie entering to her room abruptly and not even knocking the door, Natalie says that she wouldn’t do that and the both start arguing about it, Natalie gets in Christina’s face and that triggers Christina, Christina pops Natalie on the arm and after that’s where it turnt left, Natalie swung but missed then Christina started cracking her, Natalie grabbed Christina’s hair so Christina grabbed Natalie’s wig, Christina started popping Natalie and security got in between them, Natalie tried to hit Christina 2 times but missed, Natalie grabbed Christina’s hair and Christina started hitting Natalie on the top of her head, Natalie wouldn’t let go of Christina’s hair, eventually security separated the 2.

Winner: Christina

Round 2


After an argument between these 2 girls about the makeup artist whether Christina payed him or not, both girls stand up and get in each other's face and start yelling at each other, Natalie pushes Christina then pushes Christina’s neck, Christina hits Natalie in the stomach 2 times and security picks Christina up and she tries to get out of security’s arms as the two girls go back and forth arguing.

Winner: Christina



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