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Natalie vs. Chrisean
Baddies West
Between Natalie Nunn and Chrisean Rock
Number of Fights 1

Natalie Vs. Chrisean is the physical altercation between Chrisean Rock and Natalie Nunn during the third season of Baddies called Baddies West.


Chrisean and Natalie had a back and for in the limo, Natalie went on live and starts playing with Chrisean who is clearly pissed off. After finally pops off Chrisean slaps Natalie's face. Natalie gets mad and starts yelling at Chrisean for smack her when she is on an IG live. Natalie go outside the bus. And starts screaming to Chrisean to come outside but security doesn´t let her go outside with Natalie.

Winner: Chrisean