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Nastasia vs. Tasha
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Nastasia Townsend and Tasha Malek
Number of Fights 2

Nastasia vs. Tasha is the physical altercation between Nastasia Townsend and Tasha Malek in the Seventh season of Bad Girls Club.


Round 1[]


After finding garbage bags in the hallway, Nastasia gets fed up and asks who left the garbage there. Angie answers saying that Tasha did it, so Nastasia throws the garbage in Tasha's room. When Tasha returns home, she finds the garbage scattered in her room and goes down to the kitchen asking who did it, so she starts a little argument with Nastasia, until Nastasia asks the other girls to step aside and immediately tells her she throws her drink in Tasha's face while telling her to leave the house, after this the argument gets more intense and Nastasia puts her hand on Tasha's face and pushes it repeatedly until Tasha gets fed up and leaves from the kitchen cheering that she is considered too "classy" to fight.

Winner: Stasi

Round 2[]


After telling Judi to leave the house, Nastasia decides to run Tasha out of the house, so they push each other up the stairs and Nastasia goes into the beauty room to get Tasha's clothes and is stopped by Tasha, with whom she begins. to argue and struggle until tasha scratches Nastasia's face and she responds with a slap on the face and after yelling at her, nastasia begins to throw multiple punches at tasha's head, she tries to respond to Nastasia's blows but fails block it. tasha falls to the ground and nastasia continues hitting her on the head and pulling her hair until they are quickly separated by shelly and security.

Winner: Stasi


After having been the one who gave the first hit and also having involved the police in the altercation, production decides that Tasha be removed from the house and return to her home.