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Nastasia vs. Shelly
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Shelly Hickman and Nastasia Townsend


After Shelly calls out Stasi approaches her asking her if she is drunk now as Shelly claimed that she was "black-out drunk" during all her fights with Stasi but then Stasi asks Shelly what she is going to do and Shelly replies with "I'm gonna have you sit and wait" and then Stasi says for what and calls her a punk-*ss b*tch as she was attempting to secretly jump her with Priscilla and Tasha and the 2 girls argue until eventually as Stasi's head is looking in a different direction, Shelly tries to sneak her by weakly punching her on the face only for Stasi to put her in a quick headlock and start repeatedly punching her on her face and then as security comes to break the fight up, Shelly was briefly trying to pull Stasi hair and does a little scratch to Stasi's face whilst Stasi kicks Shelly on her stomach and then the fight ends there.

Winner: Stasi