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Nastasia vs. Priscilla
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Nastasia Townsend and Priscilla Mennella

Nastasia vs. Priscilla is the physical altercation between Nastasia Townsend against Priscilla Mennella 


After being mad at Priscilla for not putting her clothes in the dryer, Stasi gets pissed off and mushes Priscilla in the face and before they could do anything further to each other, Tiara and Angie get in between them to make sure they do not fight but then when Stasi tells Priscilla to shut the f*ck up and know that those are her clothes, Priscilla yells in Stasi's face and calls her a b*tch then Stasi yells back at her then pushes and shoves her back into the dryer and then Stasi tries to attack her furthermore but gets pulled away by one of the producers and the fight ends there.

Winner: Stasi



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