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Morgan vs. The House
Season 5: Miami
Between Morgan Osman, Brandi Arceanaux, Erica Langston and Danielle Rosario
Episodes Check Your Baggage

Morgan vs. The House is the physical altercation between Morgan Osman and the girls in the house. Morgan is sent home due to this altercation.


When Morgan, Catya, and Kristen are all out, Brandi and Lea agree to pack Morgan's items to send her home. As her items are outside, Morgan, Catya, and Kristen discover this and they are angered when notes outside insist that Morgan should leave because no one wants her there. Morgan tries her hardest to open the door when Lea opens it, Morgan confronts everyone whoever touched her items. Morgan attempts to go upstairs to touch everyone's things after, until Brandi stops her, it turns into a major brawl on the stairs, as the girls try to hold her back, others fight as well.

Winner: Tie


Morgan is sent outside with Catya and Lea during the aftermath of the situation, but Danielle insults her inside of the house, forcing Morgan to enter the house in anger. Morgan breaks into the production room in anger and starts swinging on the producers. Security puts her outside and her stay in the bad girls club mansion comes to an end.



BGC5 - Morgan vs. Everyone (Unedited and Extended)