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Ain’t that yo friend?!
Monique "Razor" Samuels
Bad Girl Information
May 28, 1995
Chillum, Maryland
Bad Girls Club Appearances
'Baddies West (season 3)
14 episodes
Loren Jordan
Gia "Rollie" Mayham
Chrisean Rock
Damerlin "Biggie" Baez
Atasha "Tommie Lee" Jefferson
Natalie Nunn
Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan
Suzanne "Stunna Girl" Brown
Stayed in the house in Baddies West
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Monique Samuels (also known as Razor) is an original baddie on Baddies West. Razor is currently 28 years old and resides in Chillum, Maryland.

She originally appeared on Baddies West Auditions as a contestant, where she was picked to become a cast member, along with Biggie and Stunna Girl.

While on Baddies West, she would start a friendship with other cast members, most notably Lo London. Meanwhile, her drunken antics would lead her to get into fights with other castmates, specifically Scotty and Stunna Girl. Razor doesn't attends the reunion due miss the flight.


Baddies West[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1-4 Episode 5-8 Episode 7-12 Episode 13-14
Razor Razor Razor Razor Razor
  1. Razor made it to the end of the show


Image Opponents Episode
ScottyRazor1 Scotty What Happens in Vegas...
StunnaRazor Stunna Girl Who's Bad?