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Mehgan vs. Rima and Falen
Season 9: Mexico
Between Mehgan James, Rima Mellal and Falen Ghirmai

Mehgan vs. Rima and Falen is the physical altercation between Mehgan JamesRima Mellal, and Falen Ghirmai in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club. Mehgan is removed from the house after attacking both of them.


After her altercation with Rima at the beach, Mehgan returns home earlier than the other girls and has a conversation with her grandmother. She is told to "think before she makes a decision." As the other girls enter the house, none of them talk to Mehgan or give her the time of day.

In response, Mehgan waits for Rima to walk past her and immediately pulls her by her hair and manages to punch her in the head four times before Falen begins to intervene. Due to Mehgan's attacks, Rima screams in pain and pulls Falen's dress, causing Falen to quickly turn around and begin to swing. Mehgan punches Rima another two times while using her as a shield to block hits from Falen. Because Mehgan used Rima as a shield, Falen's hits missed and hit Rima instead of Mehgan, with Rima absorbing an additional five hits from Falen which were intended for Mehgan. Mehgan quickly reacts by punching Falen in the face which causes Falen's hat to fall off, and punches her an additional two times while keeping a hold of Rima. Rima escapes Mehgan's grasp and jumps out of the fight, leaving only Mehgan and Falen. Falen tries to attack in a more brutal way, managing to hit Mehgan in the face and arm. However, Mehgan pulls Falens hair and punches her in the head four times and in the nose once, causing Falen's nose to bleed. Rima comes back and jumps back into the fight and attempts to jump Mehgan again, which fails. Falen tries to swing on Mehgan nine times with only one connecting on the top of Mehgan's head. Mehgan punches Falen in the face a final two times and Rima turns her head to avoid another punch just as security seperates Mehgan and Falen. Mehgan continous her assault on Rima by pulling her hair aggressively until they are pulled apart. Mehgan sits in a chair and watches the chaos ensue as the girls react in utter confusion and anger.

Winner: Mehgan