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Mehgan vs. Rima
Season 9: Mexico
Between Mehgan James vs. Rima Mellal
Number of Fights 3

Mehgan vs. Rima are the physical altercations between Mehgan James and Rima Mellal in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club.


Round 1[]

Mehgan is irritated by Rima's inappropriate behavior once the girls are settled in the house. However, she calls out Rima for not taking a shower after getting out of a pool. The situation escalates between them when Mehgan calls Rima a bitch resulting in her getting in Mehgan’s face and receiving a mush in return. The two tussle before Mehgan practically pushes Rima from behind up the stairs while Rima also has a hold of Mehgan’s ponytail. Mehgan then grabs Rima’s hair as well as Rima and both toss around all the way down to the floor. Rima manages to get in top of Meghan and pulls her hair before Meghan punches her on the side of her head. Meghan stops pulling her hair but Rima keeps pulling it dragging Meghan a little bit before kicking her. They’re eventually separated by the rest of the girls.

Winner: Mehgan

Round 2[]


When Mehgan, Julie, and Falen arrive back home, Mehgan notices on her picture that it is written on, with insults about her "$700 weave," when confronting Rima and Erika about it, she doesn't understand the hate. Rima, on the other hand, throws a drink at Mehgan, leading to Mehgan launching herself and grabs Rima’s hair, Rima also grabs her hair and pull each other down to the floor and roll, Rima keeps pulling Mehgan’s hair as she scratches the side of her head and Mehgan begins punching her multiple times on her side and her leg. After the girls separate the two, Rima throws cranberry juice at Mehgan, insisting that she should leave the house.

Winner: Mehgan

Round 3[]


With Mehgan annoyed by Rima, Julie, and Falen's new friendship, Mehgan overhears the three talking about her, to which escalates into an argument between the four. Mehgan, meanwhile, confronts Rima, which leads to Mehgan grabbing her and slamming her on the beach, Rima scratches Mehgan’s face and pulls her hair , risking the "Mexican jail" policy. Mehgan fights Rima alongside Falen later on.

Winner: Mehgan



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