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Mehgan vs. Julie
Season 9: Mexico
Between Mehgan James and Julie Ofcharsky
Number of Fights 1

Mehgan vs. Julie is the physical altercation between Mehgan James and Julie Ofcharsky in the ninth season's reunion of Bad Girls Club.


Before entering the BGC9 reunion, Mehgan reveals a scheme to Erika; while at the reunion, she is going to douse Rima with cranberry juice as revenge for Rima doing the same to her in the house. When the girls enter the reunion, however, Mehgan has a change of heart. Both girls admit they were wrong and squash their beef with each other.

Mehgan, after a short and playful conversation with Erika and Tanisha about her cranberry juice, reveals that she "brought the juice for Rima", but states that she has no beef with Rima anymore, and instead plans on "sharing" her juice with Julie, Falen, and Andrea. She tells Tanisha to move, at which point Tanisha hops up and runs as Mehgan douses Julie and Falen, just barely getting any on Andrea.

Julie hops up and attempts to run up and hit Mehgan, however, Mehgan knocks her down with a punch and stands over her, punches her repeatedly on the face. Mehgan gets her hair pulled by Julie causing her to slip and fall but she continues to punch Julie before security grabs her arms preventing her from swinging anymore while Julie holds her grip on Mehgan's hair. Mehgan and Julie kick each other repeatedly before finally being separated by security.

Winner: Mehgan