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Mehgan vs. Falen
Season 9: Mexico
Between Mehgan James and Falen Ghirmai
Number of Fights 1

Mehgan vs. Falen is the physical altercation between Mehgan James and Falen Ghirmai in the ninth season's reunion of Bad Girls Club. 


During the reunion, Mehgan sits in between Falen and Julie. Mehgan believed that Falen jumped in the fight (between Meghan and Rima), but Falen explains her intentions, originally trying to stop her from attacking Rima until Mehgan hit her. Falen gets close to Mehgan's face, and Meghan asks her to get out of her face. When Falen refuses to do so, Mehgan punches her in the face, she backs up preparing for Falen to hit Meghan back. Falen charges at Mehgan before receiving another punch, Falen then starts swinging her arms at Mehgan’s direction but misses before being separated by security

Winner: Mehgan