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Mehgan vs. Ashley
Season 9: Mexico
Between Mehgan James and Ashley Dye
Number of Fights 1

Mehgan vs. Ashley is the physical altercation between Mehgan James and Ashley Dye in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club.


When Mehgan, ErikaAndrea, and Christina unexpectedly return to the Bad Girls house during a photoshoot, Mehgan is prepared to fight, although she notices that no one wants to fight her. Mehgan claims that she doesn't want to fight anyone else, but Ashley. Mehgan decides to confront her, forcing her to prepare to fight. Ashley, who is unsure of the situation, is called out for changing her attitude once Mehgan, Erika, Andrea, and Christina are gone, although in the beginning, she was innocent-acting. Mehgan fights Ashley, who admitted that she didn't want to fight. Mehgan slapped Ashley in the face, Ashley kicked Mehgan in the stomach making Meghan back up but then went back, Ashley started throwing kicks to keep Meghan away from her but then Meghan grabs her legs and pulls her down to the floor, making Ashley land on a bunch of pillows, Ashley kept screaming and desperately trying to kick Mehgan who just slightly dragged her by her feet, security came to separate them. In an unaired reunion clip, Mehgan admitted that the real reason she fought Ashley was because of Ashley jumping Andrea even though Mehgan and Andrea did not get along.

Winner: Mehgan