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Mariahlynn Vs. Smiley
Baddies East
Between Krystal "Smiley" Borrego and Mariahlynn Araujo
Number of Fights 5

Baddies East Auditions[]

During the Baddies East Auditions, MariahLynn’s younger sister, Strawberry begins introducing herself on the stage before Smiley steps in and snatches the microphone out of her hand and Strawberry paces after her to give it back. This escalates into an altercation amongst the two where Smiley shoves Strawberry, swings at her and Strawberry reciprocates before security steps in. MariahLynn wants to be in defence of her sister so she has an altercation with Smiley in which Smiley snatches her chain.

Round 1[]


Smiley struts into the restaurant to join the baddies and instantly rotates around the table and runs up on MariahLynn. She throws a blunt blow to MariahLynn’s face before tussling with her to snatch her wig off. Security breaks up the altercation and Smiley attempts to swing at MariahLynn again but Security blocks the way. Smiley and MariahLynn go back and fourth before Smiley slides through Security. MariahLynn swings two times on Smiley and Smiley swings two times on MariahLynn, forcing her back into the couch. Natalie and security block MariahLynn and Smiley from one another but Smiley still manages to scratch MariahLynn’s face from a distance.

Winner: Smiley

Round 2[]


Smiley and MariahLynn continue disputing in the restaurant before Smiley stands up from her stool and beats on the side of MariahLynn’s neck three times meanwhile Mariah scratches Smiley's cheek. The altercation again was broken up by security and Natalie who accidentally smacked MariahLynn with her cup.

Winner: Smiley

Round 3[]

Mariahlynn vs Smiley

During a heated discussion about how the girls believe Smiley lied about having a miscarriage, Rollie chucks an unidentified liquid at Smiley from her cup. Smiley quickly responds to this by standing up and begins taking off her fur coat. MariahLynn takes this as an opportunity to run up and sneak Smiley. MariahLynn smacks Smiley before Smiley flips her over onto the couch and holds her down whilst MariahLynn throws blows to Smiley’s head but the majority of them do connect. As a result of this altercation, MariahLynn’s wig comes off.

Winner: Tie

Round 4[]

MariahSmiley4After the first altercation, Smiley goes into the kitchen and grabs onto her stomach whilst facing her back to the camera and leaning against the counter. MariahLynn, Sukihana and Sapphire enter the kitchen with Sukihana and Sapphire still telling MariahLynn to get her chain back then MariahLynn gets shoved into Smiley by Sukihana where she pounds on Smiley’s head four times whilst Smiley is trying to walk off and avoid the situation before being separated by security.

Winner: MariahLynn

Round 5[]

Mariahlynn vs Smiley 3Natalie discusses amongst Scarface, Rollie, Scotty and Sapphire how she feels as if House A and B are heavily divided so she decides to meet up with the other girls at House B’s residence alongside House A. When House A enters and goes outside to where House B are sitting, Mariahlynn hugs Ahna before running up on Smiley for allegedly threatening to get people to follow her family home after an altercation with her sister (Strawberry) at the club. Mariahlynn attempts to throw hits at Smiley but she blocks her attacks and MariahLynn only bashed Smiley three times in her shoulder and Smiley hits MariahLynn in the side of the head three times too. They get separated by security and MariahLynn then screams at Smiley not to threaten her family.

Winner: Smiley